Taking care of mental health is an ongoing journey, just like taking care of physical health.

OMBI's unique approach focuses on prevention using research-based skills that boost resilience of the mind and the body.

We believe knowing how to take care of mental health, and having the time to practice self-care, should be available to everyone.

Taking care of your mental health is an ongoing journey, just like taking care of your physical health.

OMBI’s approach is unique, teaching research-based, core preventive mental health skills and concepts that combine cognitive and body-based practices.

OMBI's mission is to bring more consciousness, compassion, and connection into everyday life to positively impact overall health and wellbeing.

Our work is based on the belief that the opportunity to learn and the time to practice preventive mental health skills should be available to everyone.

Adult mental health

Our adult learning provides research-based preventive mental health concepts and skills that can be learned by individuals at their own pace in their workplaces or at home on their own schedules. Our programs, videos, trainings, and materials are designed to support individual wellbeing and improve relationships.

Youth Mental health

We combine social-emotional learning and mindfulness skills with evidence-based mental health skills as components of a comprehensive curriculum for youth, parents, and educational employees. We’re ready to collaborate with your school or organization to provide trauma-informed mindfulness-based mental health programs.

systemic change

Our staff work collaboratively with organizations to facilitate systemic changes that support mental health and wellbeing—because our individual health and wellbeing are intricately connected to the environments where we live and work. We provide data-informed, customized programming that fits the level of readiness and culture of each organization.


Our high-quality videos, practices, and materials help you access and learn research-based preventive mental health skills and techniques on your own. The comprehensive video series provides foundational content and practical tools that can be incorporated into everyday life.

Youth Served

School District Partnerships

Education Employees Trained

Employee Wellbeing Program Participants

I have adopted Lori Allen's framing that this work is fundamentally empowering, preventative mental health work and have taken many of the concepts and practices into my work with schools. In every case, teachers and students and caregivers remark that concepts like the Window of Tolerance and Wheel of Awareness provide a language of understanding, possibility, and (most importantly) agency. This is no small thing in a world that oft feels like it is spinning far beyond our control.

— Daniel Gallo, Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Lane ESD

“I've been teaching mindfulness for a couple of years and practicing for longer, but this course has helped me identify ways in which I can improve and give even more space to the students and staff that I support. I enjoyed hearing different perspectives and gaining a new understanding through shared experience and insight.”

— Lane County Organizational Employee, Training of the Trainers

“The presenters were personable and passionate about mindfulness in a way that normalized it and made us feel empowered to employ it! I loved how this training crystalized for me the now-obvious message that this is for us, the adults at work, and that it was not a training for how we can teach it to students but rather to colleagues!”

— Oregon Education Employee, Systems Training

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