Taking care of your mental health is an ongoing journey, just like taking care of your physical health.

Mindfulness practices were developed thousands of years ago to help people find balance between coping with difficult emotions and appreciating the good things in life. Now, research shows that these practices can sculpt the brain to decrease stress and increase overall well-being. 

At OMBI, we support you in dealing with life’s challenges by teaching evidence-based skills that build mental and emotional health.

Schools & Organizations

We combine mindfulness and social-emotional learning skills with evidence-based mental health skills as components of a comprehensive mental health curriculum. We’re ready to collaborate with your school or organization, as well as your mental health or medical practice to provide trauma-informed mindfulness-based mental health programs.

Groups & Classes

We serve the community and continually tap the highest-quality professionals — psychologists, mindfulness instructors, and yoga teachers — to lead mind/body classes and groups. Our classes and groups teach the basics of mindfulness as well as specific skills to help with anxiety, stress reduction, pain, eating disorders and body image.

How does mindfulness training help?

Through a growing self-awareness and understanding of how the mind and body works (or the relationship between the mind and the body), participants in mindfulness training gain the knowledge and skills to feel calmer, more in control of their behavior, and more connected with others. The benefits of the evidence-based, mindfulness mental education and skills-based programs OMBI offers can include:

  • Better relationship with yourself (self-awareness; compassion)
  • Healthier relationships with others (emotional regulation)
  • Stress reduction (more serenity)
  • Empowerment to make changes in your life (cognitive flexibility)
  • Increased health and well-being (pain management and relaxation)

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