Our mission

To create a comprehensive Mindfulness-Based Mental Health Center to develop, implement, and research community based mind/body interventions. The center is dedicated to helping those in need of affordable services, using a variety of treatment levels which address stress reduction, emotional regulation, and pain management through the integrated use of mindfulness-based therapy, mind/body classes, outreach and psychological education, training and technology.

The Approach

At OMBI,a nonprofit dedicated to bringing mental health education to schools and communities, we include both the mind and the body — combine cognitive and body-based work — in the process. 

Traditional therapy is cognitive, a top-down approach. What we know is mental and emotional health are both bottom up and top down — your brain influences your body, but your body also influences your brain. As a result, current mental health interventions are beginning to incorporate mind and body concepts.

Our clientele is broad-based, as evidence-based mind/body training continues to find a foothold in institutional functioning and learning. At OMBI, we provide training, professional development, and other services to individuals, the community, and organizations/institutions. Our clients include:

  • School Students and Teenagers
  • School Administrators, Teachers, and Counselors
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Child Care Providers 
  • Individuals seeking group mental health services and classes

OMBI is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing mental health education to schools and communities. All trainings, programs, and services at OMBI are research supported. 

Oregon Mind Body Institute (OMBI) is a tax-exempt organization with a 501(c)(3) status.